Invest in Singapore – Here are the reasons why

The MerlionSingapore, officially the Republic of Singapore, located in the heart of Asia, strategically positioned between the crossroads of trade between the East and the West. Singapore is a pearl of Asia of just 716.1 sq km, with an expected cosmopolitan population of 6.9 million by 2030. It is currently the only Asian country that well-regarded as a triple-A rated economy with strong growth potential – a sound, stable and winning location for investment as well as business.

Foreign Investment

Singapore attracts a large amount of foreign direct investments, as a result of corruption-free environment, strategic location, experienced workforce, low tax rates and advanced infrastructure. There are more than 10,000 multinational corporations from United States, Japan, Europe, China and India in Singapore. Singapore also possesses the world’s eleventh largest foreign reserves and has one of the highest net international investment positions per capita.

Global investors and talents are attracted to live, work and play in Singapore. Many have decided to leverage on Singapore’s growth by investing in real estate assets in the country. Today, foreign institutions and foreign high net-worth individuals form nearly 27% of private residential property buyers in Singapore. Majority of the international buyers are from Malaysia, China, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Australia, United States and Korea.

Economic Outlook

Singapore has a diversified economy with thriving financial centres of international repute. From an economy relying on export and manufacturing, Singapore has now diverted to financial services, tourism, logistics, medical services, education, information communication and biomedical research. Strong growth in areas such as wealth management has gained Singapore the reputation as the Switzerland of the East.

Singapore Government has also given strong commitment to business and real estate infrastructure to attract global investors and tourists. For example, the Singapore Grand Prix (first Formula One night race in the world), Marina Bay Sands (developed by Las Vegas Sands as the world’s most expensive building), Resorts World Sentosa (developed by Genting Singapore with Universal Studio) and Marina Bay Financial Centre (an international business and financial hub).

The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index 2012-2013 ranks Singapore the second most competitive country globally. It also ranks first for the efficiency of its goods and labor markets, and places second in terms of financial market development.

Quality Living

What makes Singapore increasingly attractive is also its quality living environment. Due to the pleasant environment in Singapore that is clean, green, healthy and safe, it has served as a key competitive advantage to attract global talents. Since 2011, Mercer Human Resource Consulting has ranked Singapore as a city with the best quality of life in Asia, excluding Australia and New Zealand. With its multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-lingual heritage, Singapore has become an exciting city-state where foreigners find it easy to settle in. It is truly a cosmopolitan city where more than a million talented foreigners call home.

Foreign Investment Schemes

Singapore pursues foreign investments as part of its overall economic strategy. Its legal framework and public policies are favourable towards foreign investors to setup companies and operate businesses in Singapore. For example, foreign investors are not required to enter into joint ventures with local institutions and are subject to the same basic laws as a local company. The low tax regime has also strongly welcomes foreign talents and high net-worth individuals to the country to build wealth.

Education in Singapore

Singapore has more than 66,000 international students of 60 different countries. They can choose to study in international schools that follow various international education systems or in government schools under the Singapore education system. Coco Palms has educational institutions nearby.

Why Coco Palms is the right place to be?

  1. Singapore is a safe country to live and it is only a few hours away from majority of the Asia countries
  2. Education in Singapore has won many awards around the world
  3. Singapore has a high quality living environment with good healthcare, wide array of international cuisine, bustling nightlife and thriving arts and cultural scene
  4. More than 14,000 multinational companies operating in Singapore offer good jobs and networking opportunities
  5. The exquisite public transport system in Singapore is a draw for international students

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karmaInvest in Singapore – Here are the reasons why